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beers made for drinking


Otherside Brewing Co. began life at a music festival. No one remembers who said it, but all agreed: “Imagine if we could ‘can’ this feeling.”

So was born Otherside.



festive session ale

4.2% ALC/VOL

The Festive Session Ale was the brewery’s inaugural release, crafted to be the ultimate expression of a ‘festival’ beer. Festive packs enough flavour to intrigue, yet is an eminently sessionable brew. This medium-bodied ale is supple and malty, with tropical citrus notes and a refreshing finish.

EBC 8-9 • IBU 23 • OG 10.5P • FG 2.5P


SOCIAL classic lager

4.7% ALC/VOL

The Social Lager is just that: a beer made for good company. It’s a classic lager: single malt, single hop. This straw-coloured brew features German Perle hops, which are spicy and floral, backed up with a light German malt, and is brewed in the Helles style.


anthem india pale ale

6.2% ALC/VOL

Anthem is a light bodied, pale golden IPA, inspired by the fruity, hop-forward styles from the American west coast. The clean malt bill is layered with hops to give hits of citrus, tropical fruit and dank resin, whilst a hint of lupulin powder packs the final punch.


Harvest Red ale

5.4% ALC/VOL • Previously 'Pilot Series' No. 1

A medium-bodied, generously-hopped red ale, with vivid melon and citrus notes up front – backed up with the alluring raisin and plum characters of the premium caramel malts. Harvest is a rich and beguiling brew that reveals artful balance.

We released Harvest Red Ale as our first ‘Pilot’ Series release a little over a year ago. Our ‘Pilot’ Series is where we make beers we like and share them with you. If people like them, we keep making them. And, a lot of people have enjoyed our Red Ale. So, thanks for trying it, letting us know you like it and helping to spread the word about it. And, now, we’re happy to let you know Harvest Red Ale is here to stay.

We’ve also updated the can. New packaging, but the same tasty beer!