tycoon brew #2

The Hazy Mango IPA can’t be reserved online at this point, but it’s worth checking if there’s some left! Ask over the bar at the Brewhouse or hit us up on Facebook or via email.

Tycoon Brew #2 is ready to hit your lips. So, what does it taste like?

Fermented with 300 kilograms of QLD Kensington Pride mangoes, this hazy IPA has as up front nose of mango, vanilla and tropical fruit, with a thick lactose mouthfeel. The hops provide a crisp, bitter structure to prevent the fruit from overwhelming the palate with sweetness.

This beer is a bitter and dry IPA in a hazy, modern outfit.

As an Otherside Tycoon you can buy the Hazy Mango over the bar at the Brewhouse from when it’s launched at the AGM on 3 July, or you can use the webform below to reserve your case.

Cases not picked up by Sunday 6 July will be up for re-sale to all Tycoons.

The Hazy Mango IPA costs $70 per case and due to limited supply we are limiting purchases to one case per Tycoon at this stage.