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The benefactor of Tapped by Otherside is Otherside Brewing Co. Pty Ltd (ABN 31 613 272 343). 


The grant program is open to all Australian residents who are over 18 years of age. By entering the competition, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any instructions relating to the grant on the promoter’s website form part of these Terms and Conditions. 


The promoter may at its discretion refuse to award any prize to any entrant who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions. 

By applying for a Tapped by Otherside grant you also give us permission to add your details onto our Tapped Applicants email list. To do this, your information will be shared with MailChimp. You can opt out by unsubscribing at anytime. 


  • Applicant – the person or group applying for a Tapped by Otherside grant 

  • Creative project – the project that an applicant for the Creative Industries Grant says they will use the Tapped by Otherside grant to undertake in their initial application 


1st August – 1st  September 2019 (5pm Western Standard Time).   

No applications submitted outside this period will be accepted. 


To successfully be considered for a Tapped by Otherside grant, applicants must: 

  • Submit a completed application to register . 

  • Ensure all details are correct and current.

  • Submit during the specified grant application period.

  • Our panel will determine whether you are a genuine applicant that wants to use a Tapped by Otherside grant in good faith. 

  • The Successful applicant will be notified on, or prior to 30th September.  


  • The Successful applicant’s submitted artwork will to utilised on limited release Creative release can label. This will be promoted for 3 months of said year. 

  • Winning artwork will be used on can label and associated marketing material, e.g. decals, posters and on social media. 

  • The successful applicant will be offered; 

    • Payment of $1,000 for original artwork and usage of image on packaging and promotional material.

    • A three month artist residency at Freo.Social at specified time given by Otherside Brewing Co. 

    • An opportunity to exhibit their artworks at Otherside Brewhouse or Freo.Social or specified partner venues. 

    • 2 cases of the Creative Release beer which features successful applicants artwork.  

    • Original artwork for be exhibited in promoters owned venues, or a specified partner venue.

  • Grant winners will receive the offer of industry development opportunities, to be determined by the promoter. 

  • Grant recipients must make themselves available for reasonable media/photographic promotion and publicity as requested by the promoter, or the grant monies may be forfeited.

  • Grant recipients agree to partaking in reasonable online/social media activity after the awarding of the grant, including via Otherside Brewing Co. social properties.

  • The promoter shall not be responsible for any additional costs associated with the application/use of the grant. No component of the grant can be transferred or redeemed for purposes other than those clearly stipulated in the T&Cs. 

  • In the event that the grant becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond the promoter’s control, the promoter reserves the right to cancel the grant program.

  • The Creative Release series is by its nature limited and we will give prominent credit to the artist on the label and posters. The artwork will not be altered in any way except having type placed over it and being cropped. Copyright is retained by the artist and any further use of the image (beyond exhibition) would be negotiated with you and would be at your discretion.


Applicants warrant that: 

  • All details provided with your entry are true and accurate 

  • You have all necessary rights to grant the promoter the rights granted under these Terms and Conditions 

  • Artwork eligibility: Artwork must be a single work of original art derived from an original concept created by the Entrant.  

  • Use of your entry by the promoter, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, will not infringe the rights of any third parties 

  • And you will indemnify the promoter against any loss or damage resulting from any breach of these warranties 

  • You acknowledge that the promoter is under no obligation to use your entry, and any reproduction and/or communication of your entry to the public by the promoter (in accordance with these Terms and Conditions) is at the complete discretion of the promoter 

  • You agree that the promoter may use your personal details provided to the promoter for the purpose of conducting the grant process. The promoter may disclose your personal information to its contractors, agents, to assist in conducting this process. Grant recipient names will be published as set out in these Terms and Conditions. The promoter may also use your personal information for any promotional, marketing and publicity purposes of the promoter 

  • If there is any event/circumstance that prevents or hinders the promoter’s conduct of the grant program or the promoter’s ability to deliver the grant/s to the grant winner/s, the promoter may, at its discretion, cancel the grant program and recommence it at another time under the same conditions or select another recipient 

  • The promoter is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information 

  • To the full extent permitted by the law, the promoter will not be liable for any death, injury, damages, expenses, or loss whatsoever (whether direct or consequential) to persons or property as a result of any person entering into the grant program or accepting or using any grant 


For grant enquiries contact hello@tappedbyotherside.com 

For media enquiries contact propaganda@othersidebrewing.com.au