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brewed for ourselves.
shared with you.


The pilot series is where our brewers come play; to try out new ideas and push the frontiers to see what works, and well, let’s be frank, what doesn't.

And if you dig it we’ll keep brewing it.



‘pilot series’ release no. 1
march 2017

harvest red ale
available now

5.4% ALC/VOL • 36 IBU
Can art by david spencer

Harvest Red Ale is both inspired by the hues and flavours of the autumn, and the ancient festival rites of harvest time. The brief was simple: capture the essence of the season in all its colours and ripe flavours, and create an artwork which imbued that very real sense of the ‘harvest’. David Spencer’s work is an interpretive bird’s eye view over Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region, tracking the sun arcing across plough-etched fields towards the Indian Ocean.

A medium-bodied, generously-hopped red ale, with vivid melon and citrus notes up front – backed up with the alluring raisin and plum characters of the premium caramel malts. Harvest is a rich and beguiling brew that reveals artful balance.

EBC 32  • OG 13.2P • FG 3.1P


‘pilot series’ release no. 2
july 2017

folk brown ale
available on selected taps now

3.9% ALC/VOL • 24 IBU
original art by PHOEBE PHILLIPS 

This beer began with a pretty simple premise: create a hearty bear hug in a glass. As a word, ‘Folk’ stands for everything that’s good: people, tradition, simplicity, community, art and music (turbo gypsy folk anyone?). This heartening beer – and the original woven tapestry by Fremantle artisan Phoebe Phillips – is a nod to these sentiments: a beer that’s soul enriching and as wholesome as your grandma’s famous pudding, and best shared in good company.

An enriching British-inspired brown ale, with subtle hops backed up with nourishing and textural oats and lactose, and malts packed with wholesome and sweet biscuit and caramel characteristics. Folk is a soothing and inviting brew made to be enjoyed.

40 ebc • 12.4 FG • 5.1 OG


‘pilot series’ release no. 3

VINYL Black ale

5.9% ALC/VOL • 46 IBU
CAN ART BY Alex Maciver

An intense brew that perfectly complements late nights spent in a dive bar by the jukebox. Deeply resinous with subtle coffee and chocolate notes from the malt, with a slight berry and passionfruit to round it out and finishing with a clean, sharp bitterness.